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The amount of fuel needed to power your life
490 tonnes
91 Kls
125 Kg
265 grams

Now is the time for Planet Earth

...for everyone to become involved in a worldwide movement to reduce or reverse the effects of climate change.

Now is the time that the merging of technologies makes it possible to make a real impact and benefit to our planet.

For everyone.

Power generation from Thorium technology combined with blockchain technology seamlessly maximises the advances in both. What is created is transparency and openness for worldwide energy supply.

This will revolutionise the way energy works in the world and set the scene for many hundreds of years to come.

It can be done.

It has been done before.

We are doing it again.

A Blockchain for Thorium

We are building the world’s first nuclear fuel delivery and management system based on blockchain technology.

This provides transparency and openness to the fuel needed for Thorium Molten Salt Technology.

Using blockchain technology we are putting the Thorium energy system into the public space, forever.

Why use Thorium?

A properly configured machine that burns Thorium is called a Molten Salt Burner (MSB). Electricity is generated by burning the Thorium.

Power plants that use Thorium Salt as their fuel have three important differences to traditional nuclear power plants:

  • Thorium is not fissile and therefore cannot be used to make weapons

  • Thorium MSB's cannot have a meltdown

  • Thorium MSB's cannot explode

There is more than 1,000 years of Thorium supply on our planet, for everyone. Compared to other fuels, Thorium is simply incredible at making energy:

  • Energy from Thorium has an energy return ratio of 1,000 to 1

  • For uranium, it is 80

  • For oil and gas, it is also 80

  • For solar it is only 7

Other significant advantages of Thorium MSB's is that they can 'burn' the existing waste of current nuclear reactors and produce far less waste that decays in hundreds of years rather than tens of thousands.

From MIT Technology Review, Aug 2016, talking about Alvin Weinberg:

To make this energy source both clean and extremely cheap, he believed, the link between nuclear power and nuclear weapons would have to be severed. And the way to break that link was the thorium molten-salt reactor.

Alvin Weinberg was a pioneering nuclear physicist, who worked on the Manhattan Project and later became the director of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and later served on the President's Science Advisory Committee under both Eisenhower and Kennedy.

What about renewable energy?

Bill Gates on renewables

Renewable energy is only part of the solution to the looming energy crisis. In this short clip Bill Gates shows his frustration that some people do not understand that renewables alone are not the answer.

Note this is from someone that invested $1bn of his own money into the renewable energy sector.

Nuclear in the energy mix

Graphic from eurostat

Just looking at Europe alone, you can see that fossil fuels are still a large part of the mix, as is traditional uranium-based nuclear energy.

Nuclear is still needed to provide base-load stability to keep national Electricity Grids running 365/24/7.

This becomes more crucial as the world moves away from fossil fuels.

The evidence is that many countries will need nuclear plants for many decades to come.

We believe they should be Thorium Molten Salt based.

B&W photo of Victor Stenger

It came as a surprise to me to learn recently [2012] that such an alternative has been available to us since World War II [1945], but not pursued because it lacked weapons applications.

Victor J. Stenger

PhD Physics

b.1935 – d.2014

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